Awesense - True Grid Insight (TGI)


True Grid Insight for better asset management, planning, eliminating losses and recovering revenue.




True Grid Insight (TGI) provides a detailed view into your distribution grid that monetizes commercial losses, quantifies the risk of equipment failure and outages caused by unidentified losses, and provides a feedback loop of field data for asset management systems. TGI interfaces with existing enterprise systems to improve revenue recovery while enhancing grid operations, distribution planning, asset management and maintenance.


For Asset Management, TGI assesses the quality of actual field data as it relates to existing data in legacy asset management systems, and provides a bi-directional mobile interface to allow this information to be validated and updated. At the same time, the system makes it possible to verify actual load conditions compared to planned loads, a problem that can result from new connections for renewable generation and electric vehicles. With this information, usage profiles can be used to enhance maintenance efforts and plan for change.


For Grid Operations, TGI will identify segments of the distribution grid that are at highest risk of exceeding compliance guidelines, and recommend steps that can lead to improved reliability by predicting and reducing unplanned outages.


For Revenue Protection, TGI will provide intelligent energy audits at high resolution in targeted areas of the grid. Areas with the highest probability of commercial losses, based on analyses of multiple data sources, will lead to an accurate indication of where the greatest amount of revenue can be recovered, and future losses can be avoided.