Awesense - Putting a clamp on power loss

Awesense - Named as One of British Columbia's Top 14 “2013 Cleantech Emerging Rockets” Second Year in a Row


Power Monitoring and Analytics with an end to end solution

Identify and measure losses including sophisticated bypass of meters

Verify meter tampering with flags and alerts

Increase the speed and efficiency of grid & load balance analysis

Create a new paradigm in identifying meter malfunctions and installation problems

Wireless Monitoring without any service disruption

Automated reporting



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Power Losses

$202B is lost every year due to theft and technical losses while reliability of the grid and the safety of the public are put at risk by overloaded transformers and illegal bypasses.

Proven Solutions

A complete solution for reducing power loss. Patented portable amperage monitors, integrated secure wireless communications, data management, analysis, and reporting. 

Awesome ROI

Already saving electricity utilities millions of dollars every month. Easy to implement in all environments so you can actively find power losses in your grid the same day.

True Grid Insight

TGI provides a detailed view into your distribution grid that monetizes commercial losses, quantifies the risk of equipment failure and outages caused by unidentified losses, and provides a feedback loop of field data for asset management systems. TGI interfaces with existing enterprise systems to improve revenue recovery while enhancing grid operations, distribution planning, asset management and maintenance.




Awesense - True Grid Insight (TGI)
  True Grid Insight for better asset management, planning, eliminating losses and recovering revenue.
Awesense at Africa's largest Power and Energy show
Tecovation will be exhibiting AWESENSE at The Power and Electricity World Africa
AWESENSE locates electricity meter bypass within SA
The Awesense solution proved it's operational value and offers an unmatched ROI.