Ticketing Systems


With the Galaxy ticketing system, you select the modules that meet your specific business needs. You can design Galaxy to support all aspects of your operation. If you:

•    want to increase pass or membership sales and retention rates, we have a Payment Plans module

•    sell to groups, we have a Group Sales and Order Entry module and a Group Sales on the eGalaxy Web Store module
•    have theaters, rooms or other resources, or sell event tickets, we have a Resource Management module
•    have pass holders or members, we have a Pass and Membership module
•    sell online, we have an e-commerce solution
•    want to sell at remote, unmanned stations, we have a Kiosk module
•    sell retail or food and beverage items, we have Retail and Food and Beverage modules

•    control or track admission to your facility, we have an Admission Control module
•    want to take control of your reseller ticket sales, we have the eGalaxy Reseller Web Store module
•    want to encourage guests to spend more, we have the Galaxy Upsell module
•    want to reward your loyal guests, we have the Galaxy Loyalty module
•    want to expand your market using an integrated mobile solution, we have the eGalaxy Mobile Web Store and Galaxy Roam


Gateway Ticketing Systems Provide Access Control and Ticketing for The Center for Civil and Human Rights
Gateway Ticketing Systems has provided its flagship Galaxy® product suite to the National Center for Civil and Human Rights, Inc., Atlanta, which opened to the public on June...