Laundry and Uniform Management


Foundation Logic Systems recently celebrated 25 years of innovation and service to multiple clients across the USA, Europe and the Middle East

Their technology began in the days of the simple Barcode and over a period of time progressed to HF technology and now finally with UHF technology.

In 2009 Foundation Logic were the very first company in the USA to offer UHF RFID linen tracking. They introduced the Fujitsu UHF RFID tag to North America

Further development was their introduction of Towel Manger a user friendly system that reduces costs by holding guests accountable for towels checked out to pools and beach areas.

Another development and addition to their suite of software has been Asset Manager which is able to track all items that are in a hotel room or hospital ward

Foundation Logic are very pleased to announce that HID Global have chosen their company to be their authorised technology partner worldwide.

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